CRM & Backoffice

A single system specifically designed to be used by front office teams such as sales and customer support as well as back-office teams such as account opening and funding teams.

Our CRM product is built in such a way that sales teams can easily manage their clients and leads through a unified interface.

It offers amazing data structures and every single data information about the client including but not limited to personal information, documents, trading accounts, wallets, transactions, eWallets, Banks, Credit Cards, and tracking data are all stored and easily accessibly by both sales and back-office teams.

Back office users can approve/reject client's KYC documents through a smart and user-friendly interface.  All client information is presented on single screens and Accounts teams can easily review clients' documents and personal information.

Transaction approval made easy.  A smart user interface that offers advance transaction details about any transaction type so that funding teams can easily approve or reject a transaction with a click of a button.