Data Analytics

We pride ourselves on simple and seamless data integrations and gathering.  Our systems data structures are designed in such a way that all of our systems gather all data from the clients in a central data repository.

From there we use advanced data analytics tools and data models to present data to our clients about their clients in a user-friendly and easy way.

We can deliver instant ready-made reports such as.

  • Trading & Dealing

  • Profitability

  • Equity Change

  • Balance & Equity Snapshots

  • Open & Closed Positions Report

  • Client Symbol Volume & Profit

  • Accounting & Funding

  • Bank Balances

  • Deposits / Withdrawal Matrix

  • First Time Deposit

  • User Statement

  • Marketing & Affiliation

  • Client Registrations

  • Leads

  • Client Per Country

  • Affiliate Dashboard

  • Other Custom Reports